Dear Friends,

Upon our arrival to Taipei we already had big plans for the future please g-d.

We often get asked “Who sponsors all this?” the answer is as follows.
We have received a small grant, the “seed money” in order to establish the center.

Some donations are being sent from overseas from time to time, yet most of the means are raised from our travelers.
As you all must know – Taipei is an expensive city. Add to this the fact only the best food is being used, without compromising on quality – because of Kosher restrictions of course – and the result in even more expensive.

An average Shabbat, for instance, costs around 500USD (a full breakdown could be given if interested).
Many of you have already visited our house on Friday night dinner or Shabbat lunch. Since we usually don’t charge for activities that occur on Shabbat and holidays – in many cases we bear the costs ourselves.
You could be a part.
Today is an opportunity for you to show you care as well. EVERY support is important.
Chabad Taipei is a USA 501(c)3 non-for profit corporation. Tax ID: 47-2342421

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